Honey from Madagascar

Tantely is a non-profit development project that helps reduce poverty, restore and preserve forests in Madagascar's village community of Fihaonana.

No fair work, no nature

People in Fihaonana mainly work as stone cutters or farmers and, according to our research, earn between CHF 19 and CHF 32 a month. The deforestation of all local forests in recent decades has just as disastrous consequences for villagers as it has for nature.

80 %
Madagascar's original forests have disappeared.
81 %
Madagascar's people live below the poverty line of USD 2.15/capita/day.
89 %
Madagascar's plant species are endemic and do not exist anywhere else in the world.

Bees create fair jobs and protect nature

At Tantely, we produce non-profit honey. In Fihaonana, which is alien to nature, this is only possible because we cultivate bee-friendly plants ourselves.

Flower honey

On 18'200 m², we have created new flower fields and settled Madagascar honey bees. The non-profit sale of flower honey starts in 2024 and will be self-sustaining from 2025.

Forest honey

Forest honey from Fihaonana starts with the restoration of native forests. In detail, we multiply hundreds of thousands of trees from the region and plant them from 2025. Honey sales start in 2027.

Fair jobs

Good working conditions are the basis of a self-determined life. We go one step further and actively and bindingly support our employees there.


The full-time wage is CHF 114 gross per month, which is almost twice as much as the minimum wage.

Working hours

The full-time workload includes 42 hours of working week and 30 paid vacation days per year.


Employees and their families have social and health insurance (CNaPS and ESIA).

Life improvements

We evaluate personal progress in a six-monthly appraisal interview.